Is Facebook Obsolete?

When sitting down to think over our business’ “social media strategy” all too quickly do we gravitate to Facebook. While Zuckerberg certainly knows how to stay on our minds, no longer is it the most advantageous business tool in the social landscape. 

Regardless of your business type, whether you are service provider or direct retailer, you’re selling a product. While Facebook doesnt hurt your pitch, it’s certainley not the most beneficial, cost effective, or efficient.

  • If you want to build you brand’s presence or establish yourself as a thought leader, sure you could use Facebook but wouldn’t a blog provide a better online forum? Couldn’t you push out content faster and to a more engaged audience if you used Twitter?
  • If you wanted to network and interact in a group setting, again, you could use Facebook, but isn’t LinkedIn a much more valuable tool, providing specialized groups, and professional feedback?
  • Lastly, if you wanted to cold prospect, making contact with 1,000 of random leads a day, could you even use Facebook? No. On Twitter and LinkedIn you certainly can.

Which leaves us here, has Facebook become obsolete? Satisfied with being thinned out and mediocre in ever category, not the best tool for any one scenario. Or has Facebook done the right thing, and established itself as a utility player of sorts? You tell me.


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  1. In my own opinion, i don’t think Facebook as an avenue for social media campaigning has become obsolete. I feel that it is merely a player in the vast network of other additions that companies can use. Its number of uses exceeds 500 million whereas twitter and linkedin both have just over 140 million users. In terms of market coverage, i think Facebook certainly is a serious contender, and especially when businesses are able to target their consumer segment more effectively with the amount of personal information that Facebook can store.

    However, i do not think Facebook will remain this way. The more and more websites that begin to develop better techniques at being more constant in peoples lives will mean that Facebook will come under some fierce competition. So how long will they last? i think that is a question for the next generation of entrepreneurs to decide!

    A thought provoking article once again!


    Entrepreneur Approach

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