Tomorrow’s Markets

Welcome to my new experiment, “Tomorrow’s Markets”. For the next thirty days I am going to attempt to predict how a set of stocks will close (up / down) the following day. I will utilize only my own social media algorithm. The formula will track sentiment, amplitude, and speed, they will each be weighted individually. This same idea has been tested multiple times with varying degrees of success, let’s give it a shot. 

I will predict every evening between 7-9PM EST and then take a look at those same predictions just before the opening bell and again after close. I will analyze the same stocks each day. 

Facebook – FB

Verizon – VZ

Bank of America – BAC

Ford – F

J.C. Penny – JCP

Netflix – NFLX

Caterpillar – CAT

A quick disclaimer: I am NOT a stock broker, equity expert, nor am I an advisor of any sort. I am not licensed nor am I in any way remotely qualified to pick stocks. This is a personal experiment and should be viewed as such. 

7:50PM EST 10/24/13

Facebook – FB – Will close up, big 

Verizon – VZ – Will close up, slightly

Bank of America – BAC – Will close down, slightly

Ford – F – Will close up, big

J.C. Penny – JCP Will close up, slightly

Netflix – NFLX – Will close up, slightly

Caterpillar – CAT – Will close down, slightly 

Note: Most of the research I’ve done indicates a 72 hour delay, meaning that sentiment tracked on a Monday, would mimmick market movements on Thursday.


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  1. Very cool!


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